Purchasing FAQs

If your question is not covered below, or if you’d like to see a full catalog including wholesale prices of our products, email us at [email protected].

What techniques do the artisans use?

All of our bags, scarves, table runners, and other textile products are made out of back-strap woven material. The designs and embellishments on our textiles are added using brocade and embroidery techniques. The baskets are hand woven using dried pine needles.

What materials do you work with?

Our primary raw materials are cotton and synthetic threads. The baskets are made of fallen pine needles and natural fibers.

Where do you source your materials?

We purchase the thread from a wholesale company outside of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. They import the thread from El Salvador and then dye it in Guatemala.

Will the colors of the products run if they are wet or washed?

All of the threads are set after being dyed to guarantee that the colors will not run. This includes the thread dyed using natural dyes as well as those we purchase pre-dyed.

Do you have minimums/maximums for orders?

We currently have a minimum order of $500. We do not have maximum orders.

Do you do cut and sew?

Yes, our primary production uses cut and sew. We purchase textiles from our cooperatives and then work with local tailors to produce the final product.

Are you able to mix and match colors and products?

Yes, due to our production model, we are able to create our bags, wallets, and other products using any of the textiles featured in our catalog.

Can I just purchase your textiles?

Yes! We are proud of the products that we produce using our textiles, but also love to see what others can create using them. The textiles woven by our artisans are approximately 16.5’’ wide and 90’’ long and cost between $23-$30 per lienzo (piece of back-strap woven textile).

Are you willing and able to collaborate with designers to provide customs designs?

Yes, we love working with designers who are looking to produce a unique product. Designers send us a detailed design with specifications on sizes, colors, and other design elements. From there, our Production Manager works with the weavers to create a sample of the design. For more information, please review our sample policy.

What is the average lead-time on an order?

We strive to get you your products as quickly as possible, but handmade textile based products take time to produce. Traditional backstrap woven textile products will be ready for shipment in 30 days. Products using brocade textiles or textiles dyed using Ikat will take approximately 45 days.

What are the shipping costs and times to the US?

Shipping costs vary, but the average rate is approximately $8 per kilo. Shipping times range from 5-15 days.

How do I learn more or place an order?

Contact Maya Tradition’s Product Design & Sales Manager Elisiana Diaz-Martin at [email protected].

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