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Our products are designed for socially-conscious consumers who value high quality handmade products in line with current trends and modern aesthetics. Additionally, the relationships and processes we’ve developed with the artisans over the past 20 years ensure a consistency that you can depend on.

Maya Traditions products are of the highest quality and beautifully designed. We admire all that they are doing to empower artisans and give back to their communities.

— The Little Market

To carry Maya Traditions products in your store, email [email protected] or follow these steps:

1. Request a catalog

Check out our collection to see a sample of our products. Request a catalog for a complete product list that includes pricing and an order form.

Our products are completely customizable so you can choose exactly what products and textiles are right for your customers.

Request a catalog by emailing us at:

[email protected]

2. Place an order

Once you have decided on the products you would like to carry, fill out and send us your order form. Upon receiving your order, we'll send you a cost estimate.

    Order terms

  • 30-45 day lead time
  • $500 minimum order
  • 50% deposit

3. Create marketing materials

The 30-45 day lead time while our artisans hand-craft your items is the perfect amount of time to create marketing materials and educate your customers on the new products. During this time, we will provide you with information about Maya Traditions to help tell our story.

4. Select shipping method

Once your order is ready to be shipped, our team will provide you shipping options, estimates of costs, and shipping time so you can make the best decision for your business.

    Shipping options

  • Cropa, a local courier service
  • The Guatemalan mail service
  • (Both vary in cost and delivery time)

5. Receive order & pay balance

After we ship you your order, we will send you a final invoice that includes any changes you requested, as well as the cost of shipping. We require full payment within 30 days.

6. Share feedback

We love supporting our partners and are always working to improve our products and systems. Please send us pictures, stories, and feedback so we can continue to grow and develop together. Email us anytime at [email protected].

More questions?
Purchasing FAQs

More questions?
Purchasing FAQs

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