What’s Behind Ethical Travel

Contribute to empowerment of indigenous women weavers by travelling in Western Highlands of Guatemala

At Maya Traditions, we strongly believe that an alternative, sustainable, and culturally-rich tourism industry is possible. As a nonprofit social enterprise, we continually seek to support our indigenous artisan partners, their families, and their communities through social programs that work to build capacity, preserve local cultures and environments, and motivate women to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Maya Traditions’ goals are reflected into the Ethical Tourism Program achievements:

  • Poverty alleviation through providing artisans and healers with additional income-generating opportunities in Ethical Tourism.
  • Social welfare by paying a fair wage to our artisan partners for their time and expertise as they share their rich culture with local and foreign visitors.
  • Education: Providing education for artisan partners and their families in tourism with capacity building workshops as well as directing profits to support Maya Traditions’ Youth Education Program.
  • Women’s empowerment through professional training and provision of additional income-generating opportunities that help support families and communities.
  • Conservation of precious biodiversity by reducing environmental impact through trainings with partner communities and cultivation of organic natural medicine and dye gardens.

Conscientious visitors will love our Ethical Tourism Program! When you visit Lake Atitlan with Maya Traditions you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your visit with has had a positive impact on this highly sensitive ecosystem and the traditional cultures surrounding it. Our visitors always leave a good impression, stimulating the local economy while preserving deep-rooted cultural practices and the natural environment.
Maya Traditions’ longstanding relationships with indigenous partner communities and continuing commitment to the production of Fair Trade backstrap-woven textiles have uniquely positioned us to provide authentic cultural experiences. Maya Traditions can organize day trips, backstrap- and basket-weaving classes (varying in length from 1 day to 1 week), and even fully organized longer trips of a mix of practical training, cultural immersion, and fun with meals, lodging, and transportation included.

Member of the
World Fair Trade Organization