Maya Medicine Tour

Maya Medicine Tour Program:

  • Visit the Organic Medicinal Plant Garden
  • Meet one of our Medical partner to receive a treatment from him if needed: a master huesero (bonesetter), a curandera (healer) or a conmadrona (midwife) .
    Time: from 10 am to 1 pm (flexible)
    Minimum donation per person: US$ 40 from 2 to 4 participants / US$ 35 from 5 to 10 participants / US$ 30 from 11 to 20 participants


    The guides are paid a fair wage for their time and expertise.
    Benefits support our social community programs.

    Typical lunches are included (vegetarian and vegan meals on demand).

    Tours are customizable.
    Homestay and private transportation as well as other services can be arranged.

Member of the
World Fair Trade Organization